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Welcome to the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  This show is a window into the latest innovations in applying generative AI, novel therapeutics and vaccines, and the changing dynamics in the medical and healthcare environment. One focus is on how providers, pharmaceutical companies, and payers are empowering patients.  In addition, conversations are often about how providers, care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and payers are being empowered by technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce friction across the healthcare landscape.

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  • Virtual and digital health
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The audience includes life science leaders, researchers, medical professionals, patient advocates, digital health entrepreneurs, patients, caregivers, healthcare solution providers, students, journalists, and investors. 


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Empowered Patient Solutions

Apr 10, 2023

Brian Pepin is the CEO of Rune Labs, and Aura Oslapas is a woman with Parkinson's who helped create the underlying software for Rune's StrivePD platform. With a focus on precision neurology and a mission to collect relevant data, Rune has refined Aura's work to create an app that allows patients to manage their everyday life better. By combining digital data with logged information, the platform provides a customized plan for each patient to manage unique symptoms.

Aura explains, "I've been working in the design world for 40 years. I was someone who, early on in my Parkinson's journey, was sensitive to the medication and developing side effects pretty early on and was having challenges describing what was going on to the neurologist. I got a lot of nodding but not necessarily understanding. So personally, I wanted to better track and learn from the interplay of the medications with my symptoms and the side effects I was experiencing."

Brian elaborates, "So especially through the work that we've done with Apple and getting the FDA approval with them around turning the Apple Watch into a Parkinson's symptom monitor, we're able to get this wonderful time series picture of what's going on when a patient is at home in their own environment. This gives us a look at how that relates to different medications that they're taking, or different therapies that they're on, or some of these different environmental effects, mood, exercise, and diet that can really affect somebody's quality of life."

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