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Welcome to the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  This show is a window into the latest innovations in applying generative AI, novel therapeutics and vaccines, and the changing dynamics in the medical and healthcare environment. One focus is on how providers, pharmaceutical companies, and payers are empowering patients.  In addition, conversations are often about how providers, care facilities, pharmaceutical companies, and payers are being empowered by technology to improve patient outcomes and reduce friction across the healthcare landscape.

Popular Topics

  • Virtual and digital health
  • Use of AI, ML, and LLM in healthcare and drug discovery, development, trials
  • Value-based healthcare 
  • Precision and stratified medicine
  • Integration of digital technology into existing workflow and procedures 
  • Next-generation immuno, cell, and gene therapies
  • Vaccines
  • Biomarkers, sequencing, and imaging
  • Rare diseases
  • MedTech and medical devices
  • Clinical trials
  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health
  • Treating chronic conditions like obesity and pain
  • Clinician and staff burnout

The audience includes life science leaders, researchers, medical professionals, patient advocates, digital health entrepreneurs, patients, caregivers, healthcare solution providers, students, journalists, and investors. 


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Karen Jagoda is the President of Turtleback Interactive LLC, an internet consulting and content development company founded in 1998. She has been the host and producer of the Empowered Patient Podcast since 2014. The show was started because of her exposure to the vast resources in translational research, genomics, and biotech in La Jolla, CA, the headquarters of Turtleback Interactive.

Karen is the co-author and editor of 2 books on the impact of the Internet on politics and advocacy. Crossing the River: The Coming of Age of the Internet in Politics and Advocacy (2005) and About Face: The Dramatic Impact of the Internet on Politics and Advocacy (2009). Karen is the host of the weekly, available online since 2007.