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Welcome to the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda.  This show is a window into the latest innovations in digital health and the changing dynamic between doctors and patients.

Topics on the show include

  • the emergence of precision medicine and breakthroughs in genomics
  • advances in biopharmaceuticals
  • age-related diseases and aging in place
  • using big data from wearables and sensors
  • transparency in the medical marketplace
  • challenges for connected health entrepreneurs

The audience includes researchers, medical professionals, patient advocates, entrepreneurs, patients, caregivers, solution providers, students, journalists, and investors.

Jun 7, 2022

Dr. Hernan Bazan is the CEO and Co-Founder of South Rampart Pharma and focuses on finding a new way to treat acute and chronic pain with a drug that has no expectation for abuse and is not toxic to the liver, kidneys, or cardiovascular system.

Hernan explains, "This is a tremendous unmet need in that there really has been no innovation in the pain space for over 50 years. Tylenol itself, acetaminophen, Tylenol was born in the '40s and the early '50s and worked by actually someone that was at the NIH that came to visit us a few times, a very well renowned neuroscientist. And he really discovered it incidentally, looking for another pathway, but we won't go into that. And that was adopted by McNeil Laboratories, and then eventually Johnson & Johnson."

"And then, in the '60s and '70s, non-steroidals, non NSAIDs, were marketed as Advil and ibuprofen, and a bunch of NSAIDs were derived. And these are very good medicines for preventing inflammation and treating pain in the short term. The challenge with both of these classes of pain meds is that they have risks."

"And then the third class, obviously, everybody knows about opioids and how they were marketed in the '90s."

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